14 1 月, 2021

Building the Future Podcast with Kevin Horek

Manufacturing is headed towards a stronger, lighter, faster, and greener future

Manufacturing the Future: Meet Arris Composites

Manufacturing is headed toward a stronger, lighter, faster, and greener future.

Arris Composites is leading this charge with the invention of continuous carbon fiber composites joined with other advanced materials in a high-speed process, combining additive manufacturing and traditional high-volume molding.

Through its proprietary Additive Molding™ manufacturing technology, advanced carbon fiber materials stronger and lighter than metal are produced with the same efficiency and design freedom as plastic molded products. Additionally, Arris Composites developed a novel Specific Design method and software which designs with the end in mind for optimal performance, reduced waste, and maximum recyclability.

The end result: Arris Composites enables mass production of high-strength light-weight composite parts, offering a cost-effective, new manufacturing path forward for consumer electronics, sporting goods, automotive, aerospace, and other industries

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