CF23: NOV 30

November 30, 2023: We’re looking forward to the CF23 event! Catch up with Riley Reese at Carbon Fiber 2023 by Composites World and don’t miss his scheduled session: “Opportunities, Barriers for CFRP in High-Rate Consumer and Electronics Markets”

Session Description: The composites industry was built on a manufacturing foundation that depended on extensive use of manual labor, including sprayup and hand layup. And these processes have served the industry very well for a long time. However, as composites evolved and matured and expanded their presence in new markets, demand for better process control and automation has forced composites fabricators to adopt machinery and technology that minimizes manual labor and increases process consistency. This enabled application of composites in large aerostructures, which ushered in the modern era of composites manufacturing. Today, there are many new opportunities on the horizon — some in the form of new markets and applications and some in the form of existing markets that were thought to be beyond the reach of composites manufacturing capabilities. These markets demand a new, more robust level of manufacturing performance, including automation, repeatability, and fast cycle times. This presentation will explore the opportunities and applications for the use of carbon fiber composites in the consumer and electronics markets. It will explain the requirements for and barriers to entry into these markets and how ARRIS Composites has positioned its Additive Molding technology, operational footprint, and manufacturing partnerships to meet the needs of these high-growth, high-volume, highly demanding markets. The presentation will include a broad outlook for carbon fiber use in consumer and electronics applications and the opportunities for expanded composites presence in these markets.

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November 30, 2023
11:00 am – 11:30 am
Salt Lake City, UT