Simulation Development / FEA Engineer

About Us

From a team that has been instrumental in the development of leading 3D printing and advanced manufacturing technologies comes the biggest development yet. At higher strength and lower density than titanium, carbon fiber composites hold the potential to change the world by unlocking novel design architectures that deliver unparalleled performance at lighter weights. Despite this potential, the complexity and cost of designing and manufacturing these anisotropic materials has limited their use to high-end, niche applications. Arris Composites has solved this problem and some of the top companies in the world have taken notice. New design latitude and improved performance provides competitive advantages for leaders across the industrial and consumer markets. Your view of composites is about to change.


Arris Composites is seeking an experienced mechanical engineer with five or more years of experience with applied FEA.  You are a problem solver with a knack for 3D thinking, experience building working mechanical devices, a deep intuitive sense of Newtonian physics, and a desire for elegance. You should be experienced in developing, prototyping and improving your designs in close collaboration with a skilled team.


  • FEA for isotropic and composite structures
  • Analysis of parts/structures using analytical calcs
  • CAD (Solidworks)
  • Work with a multidisciplinary team in a dynamic work environment


  • Minimum BS in mechanical engineering
  • 5+ years experience designing novel mechanical systems/equipment
  • Solid mechanics of materials background preferably including classical lamination theory
  • 5+ years experience using FEA packages
    • 3D, 2D, 1D and 0D mesh elements
    • Isotropic and Orthotropic materials including composite laminates
  • Great mechanical design chops
  • Good to excellent CAD skills.   Solidworks preferred.
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.  You can sketch well enough to communicate complex ideas.
  • You have vision and can respectfully disagree when you see things differently than others. But you also can recognize when your concept isn’t the one that we’re moving forward with, and you can get 100 percent behind the new direction.
  • Great references.


  • Benefits include health, vision, dental, and life insurance, and snacks including but not limited to peanut butter pretzels.


  • This position is in Berkeley, CA. It’s within walking distance to Amtrak, ~1.5 miles from BART, and ~ 1 mile from the Marina Ferry (direct from SF Ferry Building)

To apply

  • Please send your application to:
  • A short cover letter showing us that you have read this ad and are responding to our needs.
  • Your resume, in .pdf format.

Arris Composites, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.