We’re reinventing manufacturing to deliver the products of the future

Our Mission

To pioneer cutting-edge advanced manufacturing solutions that prioritize specific stiffness and specific strength in novel ways, empowering industry-leading brands with new levels of product performance.

Founded in 2017, ARRIS® is an advanced technology company enabling the design and manufacture
of the highest-performance products at scale. Additive Molding developed by ARRIS® is a patented software, materials, and high-volume production platform for creating continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite structures. Today, the team’s market reach includes portable electronics, footwear, bicycles, automotive, aerospace, industrial, and beyond, delivering lighter, more sustainable products Made To Outperform® across industries.


Founded in 2017, ARRIS® is a global manufacturing technology leader headquartered in Berkeley, California. Our revolutionary design, materials, and manufacturing platform lets brands completely reimagine their products. We simultaneously leverage the highest strength and stiffness-to-weight carbon fiber composites, the game-changing functionality of integrated electronics, and the task-specific properties of metals, resins, and other materials.

Our leadership team includes industry veterans with decades of experience in additive manufacturing, conventional high-volume manufacturing, advanced composites, material science, and industrial automation. With offices and manufacturing hubs in the United States, Taiwan, and Malaysia, we're just getting started (view careers page).
ARRIS Headquarters

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