We’re reinventing manufacturing to deliver the products of the future

Our Mission

To advance humanity by creating the highest performance products for everyone. We partner with the world’s most innovative companies to imagine, design, and manufacture the future.

Using next-gen manufacturing technologies, ARRIS empowers the world’s top brands to produce smarter, lighter, stronger, and more sustainable products at scale. In partnership with world-class investors and the biggest names in the consumer, industrial, and aerospace industries, we’re using outside-the-box design thinking and science-driven innovation to manufacture the products of the future.


Founded in 2017, ARRIS is a global manufacturing technology leader headquartered in Berkeley, California. Our revolutionary design, materials, and manufacturing platform lets brands completely reimagine their products. We simultaneously leverage the highest strength and stiffness to weight carbon fiber composites, the game-changing functionality of integrated electronics, and the task-specific properties of metals, resins, and other materials.

Our leadership team includes industry veterans with decades of experience in additive manufacturing, conventional high-volume manufacturing, composites, material science, and industrial automation. With offices and manufacturing hubs in the United States and Taiwan, we’re transforming the global manufacturing sector and enabling top brands to streamline supply chains, onshore critical manufacturing capabilities, and deliver the most innovative products imaginable.
ARRIS Headquarters

Our Investors