A new set of engineering possibilities to improve total-cost-of-ownership

High duty-cycles and low failure risks = more up-time
Improve cost per unit strength and stiffness
Non-corrosive harsh-environment compatible

The Way It Is Now

A range of sectors – wind, solar, oil & gas, industrial, infrastructure, architectural, construction – all require improvements in strength, stiffness, weight, damage tolerance,  environmental resistance, reliability, connectivity, and of course, sustainability. Legacy materials and processes have delivered today’s state-of-the-art, however, the next-generation is right around the corner.

Where We Are Going

ARRIS’ capabilities enable new highly engineered solutions to meet the most demanding environments and applications in the world. In addition, with the ability to embed ruggedized electronics and different materials for different functional requirements, ARRIS is empowering industrial brands to design the energy sources, communication networks, and built environments of tomorrow.

Industrial Examples

ARRIS Industrial Composites Manufacturing | Industrial-Truss


ARRIS' manufacturing technology allows trusses to be built with continuous carbon or glass fibers for the ultimate in strength and stiffness to weight. More versatile than I-beams and other extruded shapes, trusses can be optimized for load scenarios in applications such as energy generation, distribution, and communications infrastructure. By slashing manufacturing costs and waste, Additive Molding™ makes it possible to produce complex, high-performance structures such as trusses at scale, allowing composites to replace metals in countless industrial applications. By transitioning industrial users of thermoset composites over to more sustainable thermoplastics, ARRIS is helping industry leaders to achieve sustainability objectives.

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