Accelerating Shifts in Vehicle Architecture

Redefine driver and rider experience
Elegant, integrated, eye-catching designs
Lightweight efficiency and sustainability

The Way It Is Now

The automotive industry and human mobility are undergoing a massive transformation. Technologies, vehicle architectures, and even business models are suddenly shifting in an industry that is usually characterized by slow incremental progress. With multiple evolutionary changes underway, design teams strive for greater vehicle range, new user experience, new electronics integration, and the ever-present balance of cost and performance. And, of course, it must look great.

Where We Are Going

For designers that have the latitude and will to reach beyond incremental improvement comes a set of tools to make a mark on the design world. Why wrap every interior part when the underlying structures can be beautiful? Why combine many cheap parts into a complex, expensive assembly when a single part can meet production requirements with improved performance and elegant, differentiated design? Why do sensor integrations have to be clunky? Why not take a step back and look at design and material ideals? ARRIS is enabling the evolutionary changes underway in automotive with a new set of design and manufacturing capabilities that allow innovators to reimagine vehicle architectures using advanced composites and highly integrated designs.

Automotive Examples

ARRIS Automotive Composite Manufacturing | Car Mirror


Until now, design features such as door handles or side-view mirrors have been large, complex assemblies. By enabling functional materials, including electronics, to be embedded into a single fiber and form-optimized structure, ARRIS radically consolidates and streamlines such systems, delivering elegant, optimal solutions for performance, functionality, and beauty.

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