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Peak performance and style
Faster and lighter than previously possible
Next level impact absorption and energy return
Maximizing human potential

The Way It Is Now

From elite athletes to enthusiastic amateurs, everyone strives for peak performance. Advanced materials such as carbon fiber can turn effort into excellence more efficiently — but manufacturing limitations make such products prohibitively expensive, and design constraints hold athletes back from achieving their full potential.

Where We Are Going

With Arris, it’s simple and cost-effective to create lighter, stronger consumer and sporting goods products using high-performance materials in new, stylish form-factors. Using carbon fiber, thermoplastics, and embedded electronics, designers can help athletes at all levels achieve their full potential. When every ounce, split second and that special feel makes a difference (and it needs to look good) you need Arris on your team.

Consumer Products Examples

Arris's running shoe plate design leverages an advanced open-lattice structure to align continuous fiber where it’s needed most. Legacy composite footwear designs have been constrained by the simple geometries of constant-thickness sheet laminates. As illustrated below, continuous fiber ribs are the most efficient way to increase stiffness. Our innovative Additive Molding™ technology opens up unprecedented visual design latitude and performance capabilities while eliminating scrap and solving the sustainability issues of the past.

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