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Peak performance powered by Additive Molding

Faster, lighter, more sustainable than previously possible
Next-level impact absorption and energy return
Maximizing human potential, made to outperform

The Way It Is Now

From elite athletes to running enthusiasts, everyone strives for peak performance. Advanced materials such as carbon fiber can turn effort into excellence more efficiently — but manufacturing limitations make such products prohibitively expensive, and design constraints hold athletes back from achieving their full potential. Not only is there an opportunity to rethink carbon plate designs in footwear, better sustainability must also be addressed. Today’s plates are made with unrecyclable materials, and the process generates a lot of waste.

Where We Are Going

With ARRIS, it’s simple and cost-effective to create lighter, stronger consumer and sporting goods products using high-performance materials in new, stylish form factors (read footwear Q&A on blog). Using carbon fiber, thermoplastics, and even embedded electronics, designers can help athletes at all levels achieve their full potential. When every ounce, split second, and special feel makes a difference (and it must look good), you need the ARRIS team. Tomorrow’s cutting-edge plates are made with recyclable materials by way of our near-zero-waste, lower-energy process.

Next-Gen Advanced Carbon Fiber Running Shoe Plate 2022 ARRIS

Forbes /// Cutting-Edge Running Shoes
Testing Footwear at the Boston Marathon

An exciting milestone for advanced composites and performance footwear, the Brooks and ARRIS partnership brings attention to what’s coming next for advanced carbon plates in running shoes… READ ARTICLE >

Frequently Asked Questions /// Additive Molding
Continuous Carbon Fiber For Performance Footwear

Chief Engineer Erick Davidson and Michelle Callan on the ARRIS Business Development Team answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Additive Molding for the footwear industry… READ FOOTWEAR Q&A >

World Athletics Meets Additive Molding /// Approval
Advanced Carbon-Fiber Plate Running Shoes for Competition

A significant milestone was achieved when World Athletics approved a development shoe for running that included cutting-edge carbon fiber plates manufactured by ARRIS. Then, pro athletes… READ MORE >

High-Performance Natural Fiber Composites /// Flax

Learn more about flax fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites with Additive Molding… WHITE PAPER >

Advanced Composites for Sports


Made To Outperform: Next-Gen Carbon Plates

ARRIS Consumer Products Composite Manufacturings | Shoe Plate


ARRIS' running shoe plate design leverages an advanced open-lattice structure to align continuous fiber where it’s needed most. Legacy composite footwear designs have been constrained by the simple geometries of constant-thickness sheet laminates. As illustrated below, continuous fiber ribs are the most efficient way to increase stiffness. Our innovative Additive Molding™ technology opens up unprecedented visual design latitude and performance capabilities while eliminating scrap and solving the sustainability issues of the past.
ARRIS ARRIS Consumer Products Composite Manufacturings | Example Chart
ARRIS Consumer Products Composite Manufacturings | Continuous Carbon Fiber Midsole (Performance Footwear)

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The Needs of Workers On Their Feet All Day

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San Francisco Ranks #1 In America

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