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Next generation of high-performance autonomous architectures

Integration of hardware with advanced electronics
Highest-performance materials and structures
Enabling the greatest range and capabilities

The Way It Is Now

Autonomous flight systems are revolutionary, however, they are limited by an aerostructures industry that typically operates on a decade long product refresh cycle. Autonomous innovators operate an order of magnitude faster and employ new designs and technologies at a pace unheard of in traditional aircraft.

Where We Are Going

ARRIS technology has the unique ability to employ the most advanced structures, materials and technologies at scale. Doing so within a single structure that has undergone extreme part consolidation means higher performance, less assembly steps and points of failure, faster time to market, improved supply chain and more efficient manufacturing.

Drone & Government Examples

ARRIS Drone & Government Composites Manufacturing | Drone-Ill


The Skydio X2 Drone takes advantage of ARRIS technology to reduce the weight and complexity and improve flight range and performance. Through their use of Additive Molding™ with a combination of glass and carbon fiber materials, Skydio replaced 17 individually assembled parts with a single, integrated, robust structure. This more elegant design and manufacturing solution localized and compressed their supply chain.

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