Founded in 2017, ARRIS is a global, advanced technology company enabling the design and manufacture of the highest-performance products at scale. The team partners with the world’s most innovative companies across industries such as consumer goods, portable electronics, industrial, and transportation to help teams create lighter, faster, stronger, smarter, and more sustainable products.

ARRIS’ mission is to advance humanity by creating the highest-performance products for everyone, using next-gen manufacturing technologies to imagine, design, and manufacture the future.

Unmatched Stiffness-To-Weight, Complex Geometries, Scalable

Additive Molding™ by ARRIS is an award-winning high-speed composites manufacturing technology that aligns continuous fibers, electronics, and metallic components within topology-optimized structures used across industries to manufacture stronger, better, and lighter-weight parts while driving sustainability initiatives. Product teams now have the tools they need to deliver better. Iconic products without compromise.


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The ARRIS team is enabling top brands with innovative manufacturing processes and materials at scale that support ambitious sustainability initiatives.

*For specific media inquiries, please contact Elizabeth Griffin-Isabelle, Vice President of Marketing: media@arriscomposites.com.