November 30, 2022

Manufacturing Happy Hour: Episode #117 with Riley Reese

Host Chris Luecke explores how next-gen carbon plates impact marathon running with ARRIS CEO.

Manufacturing Happy Hour podcast host Chris Luecke recently met up with Riley Reese to talk about how Additive Molding is helping runners level up their performance—the episode was recorded just days after Riley’s trip to the East Coast that included cheering on runners at the November 6th NYC Marathon.

In episode #117, the two talk about the power of next-gen carbon fiber plates for running shoes and the potential of Additive Molding in other areas such as aerospace, sports cars, skiing equipment, and more. Both Chris and Riley are avid runners, and they share similar Bay Area location favorites.

Listen Now: How Composite Manufacturing Impacts Marathon Running 

Thanks for including ARRIS on the podcast, Chris!


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