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November 28, 2023

ARRIS & Brooks Technology Partnership, Market Leader in Performance Running Shoes

ARRIS celebrates Brooks during TRE 2023 as the first footwear brand to market with a cutting-edge continuous fiber-reinforced plate for running shoes enabled by Additive Molding, an innovative technology platform unlocking new categories of product performance.

ARRIS, an advanced manufacturer with a breakthrough technology enabling the highest-performing fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites for mass-market products, is highlighting a technology collaboration with Brooks Running during this year’s The Running Event (TRE) in Austin, TX (November 28 to 30).

The partnership developed through a shared vision of achieving new heights in speed, comfort, fit, and aesthetics for next-generation running shoes, specifically focused on creating advanced carbon plates pairing ARRIS’ cutting-edge manufacturing methods, innovative materials, and novel design software with Brooks’ expertise in biomechanics and performance.

Lee Sackett, Footwear Product Line Manager at Brooks: “With ARRIS as a partner, we’re able to build a plate that mirrors our commitment to biomechanical expertise and engineering. We work together with ARRIS to simulate, test, and optimize this plate to innovate the entire shoe’s propulsion system. ARRIS’ manufacturing and simulation technology helps us take years’ worth of prototyping and lets us execute innovative designs in months, with geometries we were unable to use in the past – a massive step forward for footwear innovation.”

The prototype running shoe was tested by athletes, including competitive races such as the Chicago Marathon and New York City Marathon in 2022, as well as the Boston Marathon in 2023.

Sackett: “Zach Panning got our shoe 72 hours before the race. He tested it on a 10k run and decided to run the marathon in it. He ran a 2:09:28, and cut five minutes off his PR.”

Scheduled for broader availability in Spring 2024, Brooks Running will be the first footwear brand to market with the most innovative carbon plate available to consumers.

As part of its 2030 vision and continued commitment to biomechanics and performance running design, Brooks is also dedicated to making meaningful sustainability improvements through a science-backed approach. From reductions in carbon emissions to reusable thermoplastic resins, bio-based materials options, and natural fibers, ARRIS’ technology also generates significantly less waste than conventional composites.

Riley Reese, CEO and Co-Founder at ARRIS: “We’re excited about the Brooks Running team partnership and the public release of their innovative elite running shoes. This reveal marks the beginning of what’s to come and the transformative impact our tech will have more broadly in performance footwear.”

In 2017, the ARRIS team pioneered the development of its patented manufacturing technology, bringing together the best of fiber-reinforced composites, additive technologies, and high-volume production molding methods to produce lighter, stronger, smarter, more sustainable products in sports, portable electronics, drones, automotive, aerospace, military/defense, and industrial markets.

Sackett: “Take a step back from running. This partnership shows what two companies on the cutting edge can do for human potential.”





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