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April 18, 2023

Forbes Interview by Jim Vinoski: Cutting-Edge Running Shoes

Jim Vinoski Highlights The ARRIS-Brooks Partnership and The Testing of A New Cutting-Edge Shoe At The Boston Marathon

“With ARRIS, we’re able to execute a plate we could never do before.” That’s Lee Sackett of Brooks in a recent interview with Jim Vinoski, a Forbes contributor. The writer has more than one million views on Forbes where he writes about all things manufacturing. He is also the host of Manufacturing Talks, a YouTube show + podcast about the people making things happen in the industrial world.

On April 17, Vinoski’s post went live…

At The Boston Marathon, The Arris-Brooks Partnership Will Test A New Cutting-Edge Shoe

“I’m a cyclist, so carbon fiber is almost part of my being. So when I first heard about Brooks Sports teaming up with composites gurus ARRIS to develop a breakthrough new running shoe with a carbon fiber plate in its sole, I knew I had to learn more,” Vinoski shared via LinkedIn.

He continued, “It was a load of fun chatting with Riley Reese at ARRIS and Lee Sackett at Brooks to hear all about it. And now you can learn all about it, too, in my latest piece at Forbes!”

READ THE ARTICLE /// forbes.com/sites/jimvinoski/2023/04/17/at-the-boston-marathon-the-arris-brooks-partnership-will-test-a-new-cutting-edge-shoe

Thank you, Jim, for highlighting an exciting milestone for both advanced composites and performance footwear.

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