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June 29, 2022

ARRIS Appoints Riley Reese as Chief Executive Officer

Co-Founder & CTO of ARRIS to Lead as CEO of Global Manufacturing Team

Berkeley, CA, June 29, 2022 – ARRIS, the advanced manufacturer enabling the use of high-performance composites at scale with new design latitudes for mass-market consumer products, transportation, and industrial applications, today announced that the Board of Directors appoints Riley Reese as Chief Executive Officer. He assumes day-to-day leadership of the company and will continue to serve on the board. 

“ARRIS is a unique company, bringing together traditional manufacturing, generative design, and composites in ways that achieve new performance for customers across industries. Riley is the right person at the right time to grow ARRIS as demand increases for its manufacturing and materials technology.”
— Greg Papadopoulos, Venture Partner at NEA and former Chief Technology Officer of Sun Microsystems

Reese will build on his proven track record of leadership at ARRIS as Chief Technology Officer since 2017, when he co-founded the company with Erick Davidson, Chief Engineer, and Ethan Escowitz, Board Member and former CEO. Before ARRIS, Reese co-founded additive manufacturing company AREVO where he led R&D and product architecture.  

“Our materials, design, and molding innovations have achieved a new level of scale with portable electronics products now shipping out of Taiwan. This is just the start, and I’m looking forward to leading ARRIS in this next stage of growth,” said Reese. “I’m grateful to be a part of an incredible team of domain experts working together to create the future of ARRIS.”  

Reese has worked in several areas of advanced manufacturing, beginning with 3D printing biodegradable heart tissue scaffolds as a grad student at UC Berkeley. After working on failure analysis and product design of medical devices at Stryker, he co-founded AREVO, which introduced 3D printed high-performance, continuous fiber composites. Reese then moved to Amsterdam and led innovation program management for additive manufacturing at TNO, the Dutch research commercialization company. In the CTO role at ARRIS, he led R&D, materials, and software teams that worked together to produce the highest strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight complex parts. 

“I watched ARRIS become what it is today, from taking up a corner of my machine shop in Berkeley to an international manufacturing company. The ARRIS team is just getting started with the impact its technology will have across industries, and I look forward to this next stage with Riley as CEO.”
— Carl Bass, Board Member at ARRIS and former CEO of Autodesk

The ARRIS team pioneered the development of a patented end-to-end automated manufacturing technology that leverages the best of advanced composites, additive technologies, and high-volume production methods of injection molding to unlock new product design possibilities for mass-market products and industrial applications. Today, portable electronics, footwear, sporting goods, transportation, and industrial brands are leveraging the Additive Molding™ manufacturing and materials technology to achieve unmatched product performance differentiation. 

To learn more about ARRIS, visit arriscomposites.com or email info@arriscomposites.com.


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