January 6, 2022

ARRIS Reveals Sustainable Consumer Products Program

Leveling Up Next-Gen Products—Performance & Sustainability without Compromise™

Sustainable Consumer Products Program with First-of-Its-Kind  Manufacturing Technology Enabling Better Products

Berkeley, CA, January 6, 2022 – ARRIS, the advanced manufacturer enabling the use of high-performance composites at-scale with new design latitudes for mass-market consumer products, transportation, and industrial applications, today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) revealed its Sustainable Products Program dedicated to helping consumer product design teams improve sustainability without compromising the product performance that made their products great.

“The way consumer product teams can design, engineer, and manufacture products has finally caught up with their corporate and personal values,” said Ethan Escowitz, CEO and Founder at ARRIS. “As many forward-thinking product team members know, for too long, sustainable materials meant compromising product performance, which is inconsistent with any lasting brand.”

ARRIS’ Sustainable Consumer Products Program works with product design teams to break new ground in both product performance and corporate sustainability. Customers in the program have a two-fold engagement with the ARRIS technical team. First, they employ the next generation of advanced materials and processes to create breakthrough products. Second, they select the materials and process characteristics that best suit their corporate sustainability objectives. ARRIS’ demonstration part, an oval bezel with a glossy surface finish for consumer electronics, has sub-millimeter features, out-performs metal, is antenna transparent, and more than 50% of the matrix comes from a renewable plant source.

“Our team has been working hard on consumer product solutions, and we’re all really proud to share these tools to enable sustainability without compromise,” said Escowitz. “We’re excited to see what forward-thinking product design teams will make and the impact they will have.”

Founded in 2017, ARRIS pioneered the development of a patented end-to-end automated manufacturing technology that leverages the best of advanced composites, additive technologies, and high-volume production methods to unlock new product design possibilities for mass-market products.

ARRIS is already making an impact in other industries. A recently announced collaboration with Airbus demonstrates a significant innovation to reduce commercial aviation emissions by leveraging Additive Molding™. By replacing metal brackets with ARRIS’ aerospace-grade continuous carbon fiber composite parts, over 75% weight savings was achieved, resulting in major lifetime fuel savings potential for commercial aircraft.

ARRIS serves industry-leading companies in consumer electronics, sporting goods, footwear, drones, automotive, and aerospace that are working toward growing their market share while shrinking their energy footprint and emissions with Additive Molding™ technology and materials.

To learn more about ARRIS, visit arriscomposites.com or email info@arriscomposites.com.


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