August 31, 2021

ARRIS, U.S. Army & LIFT Launch Collaborative Project To Lightweight Vehicles

ARRIS, U.S. Army, and LIFT Launch Collaborative Project to Lightweight Combat Vehicles Through a Unique, Scalable Additive Manufacturing Process

Berkeley, CA, August 31, 2021ARRIS, a California-based advanced manufacturer enabling the use of high-performance composites in mass-market products, transportation, and industrial applications, today announced a project with the U.S. Army’s Michigan-based Combat Capabilities Development Command Ground Vehicle Systems Center (DEVCOM GVSC) focused on vehicle seats to demonstrate significant vehicle weight reductions through part consolidation, topology optimization, and an aligned continuous carbon fiber composite structure.

This initial project will utilize ARRIS’ uniquely scalable Additive Molding(TM) manufacturing technology platform. The project is being contracted through LIFT, a public-private partnership between the Department of Defense, industry leaders, and academia.

Army vehicles have been increasing in weight over time due to new technology and safety components for soldiers, and this partnership is part of the Army’s effort to advance the use of cutting-edge technologies that enable high-strength, lighter, more fuel-efficient tactical vehicles with superior mobility and protection. By replacing an assembly of metal components in crew seats with a single continuous fiber-reinforced composite (CFRC) structure, ARRIS will demonstrate the advantages of its manufacturing technology for broader vehicle applications.

“The real significance of a weight savings approach for vehicle design depends on its broader applicability. High-end, high-cost vehicles have lightweighting approaches that don’t translate to mass production and cost-sensitive industries. ARRIS’ unique ability to combine lightweight materials, lightweight structural designs, and cost-effective manufacturing is an important set of capabilities to drive LIFT strategic objectives,” said Nigel Francis, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director at LIFT, a Department of Defense manufacturing innovation institute. “Our collaboration with ARRIS and the Army is an important step in lightweighting vehicle structures for the military and the competitiveness of the U.S. automotive industry as a whole.”

“Working with LIFT and the Army to bring together advanced composites and advanced structural design in a key vehicle subassembly is an important step in advancing vehicle architectures,” said Ethan Escowitz, CEO and Founder at ARRIS. “This pioneering work with LIFT will pave the way for broader adoption of lightweighting, and realizing the associated performance, efficiency, and sustainability benefits.”

Using next-gen manufacturing technologies, ARRIS empowers the world’s leading brands to produce smarter, lighter, stronger, and more sustainable products at scale. In partnership with world-class investors and the biggest brands in the consumer, industrial, and aerospace industries, ARRIS uses advanced design capabilities and tools and material science-driven process innovation to mass-produce the products of the future. Learn more about Additive Molding at arriscomposites.com/manufacturing-technology.
About LIFT
LIFT, operated by the American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute, is the Detroit-based, public-private partnership between the Department of Defense, industry, and academia, committed to the development and deployment of advanced manufacturing technologies, and implementing talent development initiatives to better prepare the workforce today and in the future. LIFT is funded in part by the Department of Defense with management through the Office of Naval Research. Visit lift.technology or follow on LinkedIn at LIFT or on Twitter @NewsFromLIFT to learn more.