November 4, 2021

Chuo Invests In Advanced Manufacturing Technology

New Design Latitudes by ARRIS with Lightweight & High-Strength Composite Materials At Scale

Chuo Malleable Iron (Headquarters: Aichi, Japan, CEO: Naomi Takeyama, hereinafter referred to as “Chuo”) has invested in ARRIS Composites (Headquarters: Berkeley, California, U.S.A., CEO: Ethan Escowitz, hereinafter referred to as “ARRIS”).

Chuo has been developing its business with the main focus on manufacturing and sales of automotive casting products. Amidst the changing regulations and requirements surrounding the automotive industry, Chuo continued to examine business strategies for the future in our mid-term management plan, “CMC2020.”

ARRIS, a US-based emerging technology company, has developed an advanced manufacturing technology that enables greater design latitudes and part consolidation with lightweight and high-strength products at scale without post-machining required. Already trusted by top brands, the ARRIS technology is being leveraged to level up next-gen products across industries, including a leading drone-maker and top consumer products launching next year. For example, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) “Best of Innovation” award-winning Skydio X2 drone leveraged ARRIS’ new manufacturing capabilities to make a previously impossible product. Skydio worked with ARRIS to consolidate a 17-part assembly into a single, multi-functional structure that was lighter, tougher, and better.

Other industries to take advantage of this next-gen technology include aerospace and automotive. ARRIS has worked with industry leaders such as Northrop Grumman CorporationAirbus, and LIFT to explore significant weight reductions through part consolidation, topology optimization, and aligned continuous carbon fiber composite structures.

Although this technology will not replace all existing materials, it is expected to be a new option with many benefits for various applications, including Chuo’s core business of automotive parts. Chuo will continue to explore the opportunity to collaborate with ARRIS in the Japanese market, and further details will be announced later.

CEO of Chuo Katan: “We feel that the 3D aligned continuous fiber technology by ARRIS, which enables new design latitudes with lightweight and high-strength products at scale, will drive meaningful results across industries including automotive. We intend to deepen our discussions and will thoroughly consider the opportunities ahead using this advanced technology.”

ARRIS CEO & Founder, Ethan Escowitz: “The products coming to market for sporting goods, bicycles, drones, portable electronics, and industrial applications is exciting, but the work ahead with Chuo to bring about change in vehicles that are part of our everyday lives is inspiring and motivational for the ARRIS team.”



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About Chuo Malleable Iron [chuokatan.co.jp]: Since its establishment in 1944, Chuo Malleable Iron has contributed to the development of various industrial fields through the manufacture and sale of cast iron and aluminum parts used in automobiles and industrial robots, as well as office chairs and other products.