Press Release November 21, 2019

Simon Lancaster, Former Advanced Materials Lead at Apple, Joins Arris Composites to Unlock Future of Consumer Products

Berkeley, Calif.Arris Composites, the pioneering manufacturer of next-gen composites for mass market products, today announced the strategic hire of Simon Lancaster as Head of Consumer Products. Lancaster will lead the team developing the next generation of consumer products for leading brands that will be manufactured with Arris Composites’ patent-pending Additive Molding™ Systems.

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Events May 21, 2019

CTO Riley Reese Gives Talk at Rapid + TCT Conference

At higher strength and lower density than titanium, carbon fiber composites hold the potential to change the world by unlocking novel design architectures that deliver unparalleled performance at lighter weights. Despite this potential, the complexity and cost of designing and manufacturing these anisotropic materials has limited their use to high-end, niche applications.

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Press Release May 20, 2019

Arris Composites Raises $10 Million to Mass Produce High‑Performance Composites at the Cost and Speed of Molded Plastics

Berkeley, Calif. Arris Composites, the pioneer of next-gen composites for mass market applications, today announced it closed $10 million in Series A funding, led by NEA. Arris has spent the past two years in stealth developing the ultimate metal replacement — continuous carbon fiber composites — that can be combined with metals, plastics, wires, and other materials for aerospace, automotive, and consumer products.

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