August 24, 2021

The Restless Ones Podcast with Jonathan Strickland & Riley Reese

Jonathan explores why composite manufacturing has a material impact on future innovation with Riley who leads R&D, materials, and software teams at ARRIS.

Riley, CTO & Co-Founder of ARRIS, recently spoke with Jonathan about his leadership role at ARRIS, Additive Molding, and much more. Riley’s experience with innovation in additive manufacturing began nearly a decade ago as a grad student at UC Berkeley building biodegradable heart tissue scaffolds. After working on failure analysis and product design at Stryker, he led innovation program management for additive manufacturing at TNO, the Dutch research commercialization company. As CTO at ARRIS, Riley leads research and development, materials, and software teams to deliver previously impossible performance at scale.

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Riley Reese on The Restless Ones Podcast