Additive Molding™
Product Development Program For Consumer Electronics

Comprehensive advanced manufacturing sessions with ARRIS experts designed for product teams that are leveling up products in both performance and sustainability at scale.

Participants learn and collaborate with the ARRIS technical team to employ the next generation of advanced materials to create breakthrough products. The introductory session is designed to help product teams develop a stronger understanding of how to leverage Additive Molding™ to create lighter, more compact, more integrated, and more sustainable products. While initial sessions typically focus on mechanical requirements and sustainability objectives, follow-up sessions allow for deeper exploration of multi-material and multi-functional optimization.

Fundamentals Sessions

Module 1: How To Design For Additive Molding™
Explore how to leverage a manufacturing technology that produces 3D-aligned continuous fiber composite parts.
Module 2: Ultra Thin, Ultra Tough
Learn how to achieve the thinnest walls and smallest features to enable the most compact wearable and portable device designs.
Module 3: Sustainability LCA Objectives
Focus on how to level up performance while also using a near-zero-waste, low energy process with sustainable material options that move the needle towards your team's specific sustainability initiatives.

Advanced Sessions

Module 1: Multi-Material, Multi-Functionality
Optimize complex multi-material products made of continuous 3D-aligned fibers to achieve multiple functions within a single part (e.g., circuits, electronics, and metallic inserts).
Module 2: Antenna & Advanced Dielectric Design
Controlling dielectric properties within parts.
Module 3: Advanced Applications
Complex products are made from many parts because different materials are needed in different places to address different functional requirements. When the rules of manufacturing change and different materials can occupy complex regions, adjacent to one another, in the SAME part, many new possibilities arise.

Remove Before Launch (ARRIS)

All training programs include the launch partner kit (there’s a neat story behind our aerospace materials legacy and the new product introduction process of our consumer product customers).

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