September 5, 2022

The Outspoken Cyclist: Episode #609 Includes ARRIS Report

Host explores a report by ARRIS Composites that reveals the best cities for bicyclists in America.

“It’s amazing that just a few months ago, I was wondering where I would get fresh material for the podcast, and now, I can barely keep up with all the news, events, legislation, and people who are doing amazing things!”

That’s Diane Jenks, host and producer of The Outspoken Cyclist, with 500+ weekly episodes totaling 2,000+ interviews. Jenks included ARRIS in episode #609 because of a recent survey on the “The Most Bike-Friendly Cities In The U.S.” that includes the qualities people look for in their next bike purchase (check it out).

Listen Now: outspokencyclist.com

Thanks for including us on the podcast, Diane!


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