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May 3, 2024

Frothingham of Bicycle Retailer + ARRIS Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Spokes

During the 2024 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA, the Editor-In-Chief of Bicycle Retailer Met Up with the ARRIS Team for Beers & Next-Gen Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Spokes

ARRIS first spoke with Steven Frothingham, Editor-In-Chief of Bicycle Retailer, nearly a year ago. Since then, the Berkeley-based company has publicly revealed two of its continuous fiber thermoplastic spoke options, one of which is 20% stronger and 60% lighter than the best-in-class aero spoke available in the market today. And the ARRIS team is just getting started…

ARRIS Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Spokes

The first article on ARRIS | MTO Spokes was published in the print edition of Bicycle Retailer in March 2024, and the digital version went live shortly after this year’s Sea Otter Classic when the latest funding round was revealed. Check out the full article, which includes a nod to the increasing buzz around thermoplastic composites in the bicycle industry and a brief flashback of carbon fiber spokes in the early 90s.

“What makes the MTO spokes different is the thermoplastic construction, which produces a thin, aero-shaped spoke that ARRIS claims is lighter and stronger than metal spokes while also offering an efficient, low-waste production process and a design that allows the spokes to be laced into standard rims and hubs.”

Thank you, Steve, for learning more about what ARRIS is up to in the bicycle space and for checking out these next-gen spokes in person. Cheers to what’s coming next!

READ THE ARTICLE /// bicycleretailer.com/product-tech/2024/04/23/arris-brings-thermoplastic-technology-spokes-and-components 

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