February 6, 2023

Manufacturing Executive Podcast: Latest Episode with Riley Reese

Host Joe Sullivan and ARRIS CEO discuss Additive Molding and next-gen high-performance products.

“We’ve all heard of Injection Molding and Additive Manufacturing, but what about Additive Molding? Our guest today is pioneering a business for high-volume production…”

That’s Joe Sullivan from the Manufacturing Executive Podcast, who recently met up with Riley Reese to talk about Additive Molding and its unique manufacturing capabilities for next-gen high-performance products at scale. In this episode, Riley explains the continuous fiber technology made for high-volume applications, explores traditional manufacturing versus Additive Molding, and why he’s excited about the future of ARRIS.

Listen Now: Pushing Manufacturing Boundaries with Additive Molding

Thanks for including ARRIS on the podcast, Joe!

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